Welcome to CARE Fertility! a Fertility Clinic in Los Angeles.

CARE Fertility is an innovative Fertility Center located on the Glendale Adventist Medical Center's campus. In addition, we have offices in Arcadia & Rancho Cucamonga. CARE Fertility is an Accredited Surgery center (AAAASF) to increase the safety of our patients.

CARE Fertility's embryology laboratory was designed with built in air filtration/purification systems to provide the most sterile environment, and along with highly trained embryologists, we provide our patients high success pregnancy rates.

A compassionate and experienced team committed to the success of your Fertility Journey!

Our Fertility Treatments include: In Vitro Fertilization, Artificial Insemination, Tubal Reversal, Fertility Preservation, IVF with Egg Donor/Surrogate, Frozen Embryo Transfer. 

Diagnostic Fertility Services: Blood Workup, Semen Analysis, Hysterosalpingogram (HSG), Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy &Genetic Testing (PGD).

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Our highly skilled and compassionate Doctors will review your case and provide you with options that will help you achieve high pregnancy rates.


"I just wanted to say how Dr. Quintero had gave me the chance of being a mother once again. He was so understanding and caring of how i felt of having another baby, I just really wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart." Marianne MC & Family

"At age 44, Dr. Quintero was our last hope at having a family even though the odds were heavily against us. Without Dr. Quintero's excellent medical expertise and special compassion we would not be holding our tiny daughter today." Darlene & Jeff

"My husband and I had been trying for about 4 years when we met Dr. Quintero. On the 2nd IUI try we were successful. Dr. Quintero continued to follow the pregnancy and be of help, he is always available by email. Thanks, Dr. Quintero!" Annika E.

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